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grrrabbit productions is one-stop source, offering a wide variety of services that are essential for the original songwriter and performer.

We have a proven track record for the services, we are affordable and have extensive experience in the industry.

We can provide the support an aspiring independent musician needs to take their career aspirations forward.

So, what would you like us to do for you?

grrrabbit consists of:

Shannon Hallett
Established performer & acclaimed recording singer/songwriter and musician with multiple releases.
Former Operations Manager and continuing adviser for rehearsal and recording studio
FacePlant Productions;
co-producer of the successful FaceFest annual fundraising concert, 1995-2009, (still running).

Stage manager, graphic designer, producer & promoter of live music of various styles.
Former director on housing society board; international conference management &
logistics experience, event/reception planning.
(bio/discography pdf)

Hallett Books etc.
Extensive background in administration & bookkeeping for arts, NGO's and/or project-oriented businesses.


grrrabbit has been a part of the Canadian indie music scene for decades.

Originally based in Vancouver, BC we are now located in Ottawa/Gatineau.
Check out our Media page for details of past shows and enterprises.
While our roots are in the underground, we have a demonstrated capacity to
expand access to and for diverse artists across multiple genres.

In 2010, we produced our first inter-provincial tour for the Vancouver project The Rain and the Sidewalk in 2010,
presenting shows in Ontario and Quebec plus radio performances.


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